GSA/ Aviation Elaborates Services

Elaborates Aviation is your partner for the complete range of air cargo services from A to Z. We are proud to act as General Sales Agents (GSA) and Cargo Sales Agents (AEI) for a growing number of airlines.
Aviation Elaborates transports any cargo smooth and in time. We know that you expect the best rates possible when forwarding your cargo. At same time we aim for excellent service and customer relationship to successfully position AEI in a competitive market.
We want to be your GSA/AEI partner of choice. And we especially welcome small and medium sized freight forwarders with unique demands. This niche is growing and deserves attention with reliable cargo solutions. AEI will continue to refine its GSA/AEI services for this challenging and expanding market segment.

Aviation elaborates Consultancy provides significant value to airport/airline operations utilizing in-depth knowledge and experience of both the Logistics, Ramp Services, Crew handling, transportation, hoteling and Regulatory Affairs matters and the airport/airline business to provide insightful and effective solutions within the airport ground handling environment.

  • We are the GSA Agent for several airlines
  • Providing ground handling services
  • Passengers and cargo handling
  • Crew handling and hotel
  • Security badges and GACA issues
  • Aircraft AOC’s obtaining
  • Landing & overflying permits obtaining
  • Ticketing and reservations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • GSA for Agent
  • Crew handling and transporting
  • Staff Sales & Marketing Services
  • Airside RAMP transportation for CREW
  • Operation staff ( Loadmaster & Loading Supervisor and Load sheet )
  • Regulatory and Administrative Support